Use the second menu as the main menu to replace the category

Menus can contain block content, instead of text linking to page / category / product.
To archive this, we use main_menu

Create main menu as following.

To add block content to the menu item, as in the example above, we put the bestseller block. In Block ID field: typing and select the block name  you want to use (support custom block) from dropdown.

If main_menu is locate in the header/header_bottom then the bestseller tpl template corresponds to that parent block. Here will be bestseller_home.tpl

However, because the bestseller is assigned to the menu, the file name will contain the suffix '_menu'.
So the file will be render is bestselller_home_menu.tpl

{{ heading_title }}

Create/edit the file main_menu_top.tpl with the following content:

Demo result:

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